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    That seeks to revolutionize the way Minecraft looks and the way you play it,

    with heart that seeks to develop the world of minecraft servers,

    dedicated to develop plugins, models, configs and others.


    This addon expands on ItemsAdders custom block mechanic- FREE ADDON!

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    Seasons, greenhouse, fertilizers and sprinklers! Supports ItemsAdder & Oraxen

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    A Unique Way to Customize Nametags & Chatting Bubbles

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    Emotes Pack for MCC and IA

    Set of 48 animations to be used in MCCosmetics and ItemsAdder

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    Mob Vote Minecraft

    Forgotten Minecraft mobs models, Meerkat, Vulture, Glare, Iceologer, Copper Golem, MooBloom, Etc

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    Storage Mechanics

    Create your storage on custom blocks or furnitures now! **[Support multi pages]**

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    Fishing mini-game, Fishing Bag, Sell shop, Lava fishing, MythicMobs Support, Competition, etc

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    New crafting system based on armor stands and lots of creativity!

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    EliteShop Oraxen, IA, MM Support

    Bring more life to your stores with this!!!

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    Painter Addon

    Painter is a ItemsAdder addon that adds an amazing painting mechanic to your server, basically you can let your players recolor their placed blocks.
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    Need custom models for CustomCrops/CustomFishing or more?


    Head over to Elite Fantasy discord!

    Glitch Bunny

    Custom Models By Elite Fantasy

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