• BlockSounds - Itemadder Add-on

    Why should I get this addon?

    This addon expands on ItemsAdders custom block mechanic, by letting you fully customize the sounds players hear when interacting with them. This will bring your blocks one step closer to feeling like fully integrated blocks, over just retextured ones.

    This addon integrates seamlessly with ItemsAdder, by simply adding more config options to the already existing system for place/break sounds, as shown below.

    Report bugs: https://github.com/Boy0000/BlockSounds-ItemsAdder/issues



    1. Put this addon into your servers plugin folder
    2. Configure the sounds for your block-configs like shown below
    3. Start your server
    4. Run /iazip, so that the sounds.json gets included in your resourcepack

    If the sounds for stepping on stone or logs are double ingame, it means the sounds.json file didnt get copied over. Usually it is because the file already exists.

    Simply copy the content of plugins/BlockSounds/sounds.json into your plugins/ItemsAdder/data/resource_pack/assets/minecraft/sounds.json

    On the Blu Market~!

    Tested Minecraft Versions:


    1.17, 1.18, 1.19





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