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Mystic Chat

This plugin is Designed by Crazymarty


  • Muti-channel support: Create as many channels as you want!
  • Bungeecord support: have a channel send its messages to other servers in a BungeeCord network.
    • Proxy muting: You can mute players on any server in the network through the bungeecord proxy.
    • Cross server messaging: The plugin can be installed into the bungeecord plugins folder to add cross server messaging.
  • Staff Management: Staff Gui features, handle bans/kicks/mutes from gui
  • Interactive chat: Hover over words for information, click for links, interact with players.
  • Built in DiscordSRV: Comes with built in DiscordSRV setup with slash commands auto programmed for your bot to show in-game chat, player stats, gears, show off your items and more! ( NO NEED FOR DISCORDSRV PLUGIN!!!)
    • Server Logs
    • Discord to in-game commands moderation commands.
  • Anti spam: You can choose to use the anti spam which automatically mutes spammers.
  • PROSkillAPI Support: If using ProSkillsAPI, classes, equipment, and stats can be shown in chat of in-game or the setup discord channel for in-game feed.
  • PROSkills Parties Support: If you are using PROSkillsAPI Parties, party chat with you and your team will be created.


Upcoming testing of MysticRPG Chat will be during BFO| RPGMMO's Alpha 3.0 testing mid December! Please stay tuned on our discord for updates!




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