• Custom Nameplates


    This a recreation of an inactive plugin on Spigot. It requires a resource pack to work!

    The post can be found here Link. Though it's a plugin with a good idea, but it's a pity that the original developer has abandoned it for some reaseon and no support in Discord. It has been abandoned for a year, so I decided to make a recreation with new features and better support.

    Plugin Wiki: Link



    • 10 cool premade nameplates included ( All of them are made by me, NO steal from the original plugin! )
    • MySQL data storage and supports data sync between servers.
    • Permission based nameplates storage.
    • Three modes to display nametags (Team/Riding/Teleporting)
    • Nameplates will automatically adjust to player's name length. 
    • CustomText with backgounds. Backgounds will also adjust to the length of the text
    • Prefix & Suffix System
    • Better resource pack structure organization. Customizable namespace & font & start-character & folder
    • Thin font support
    • BossBar & Actionbar sender function(support font) included
    • Auto resource pack generation
    • MiniMessage format message (Hex & Gradient)
    • Packets based system and most of the tasks are handled asynchronously
    • Open source
    • Support, if you have problems installing it you can get support 


    What can I do with this plugin?

    ⫷Make custom player nametags with beautiful backgrounds ⫸
    Multiple tag lines based on font and shader

     Fake armor stands are riding the player, which would consume less bandwidth than teleporting )

    (If there's conflict with other cosmetic plugins, plugin also provides a teleporting mode)

    Custom bossbar with cool backgrounds

    Chatting bubbles

    Plugin Command

    • /nameplates help - show the command list for nameplates
    • /nameplates reload - reload the configuration
    • /nameplates equip <nameplate> - equip a specified nameplate
    • /nameplates forceequip <player> <nameplate> - force a player to equip a specified nameplate
    • /nameplates unequip - unequip your nameplate
    • /nameplates forceunequip - force unequip a player's nameplate
    • /nameplates preview - preview your nameplate
    • /nameplates list - list your available nameplates
    • /bubbles help - show the command list for bubbles
    • /bubbles equip <bubble>
    • /bubbles unequip - unequip your bubble
    • /bubbles forceequip <player> <bubble> - force a player to equip a specified bubble
    • /bubbles forceunequip <player> <bubble> - force unequip a player's bubble
    • /bubbles list - list your available bubbles

    Permission Node

    • nameplates.help
    • nameplates.reload
    • nameplates.equip.<nameplate>
    • nameplates.forceequip
    • nameplates.unequip
    • nameplates.forceunequip
    • nameplates.list
    • nameplates.preview
    • bubbles.equip.<bubble>
    • bubbles.forceequip
    • bubbles.unequip
    • bubbles.forceunequip
    • bubbles.list


    • %nameplates_equipped% - get the name of the nameplate player is equipping
    • %nameplates_prefix/suffix% - get the unicodes of the nameplate player is equipping
    • %nameplates_bg_[xxx]% - get the background unicodes for specified text
    • %nameplates_npp/nps_[xxx]% - get the prefix/suffix nameplates unicodes for specified text
    • %offset_[xxx]% - get the offset unicodes

    Important things you must know:

    • This plugin works based on teams. These two types of plugins may not be compatible.

    ① Tab plugins that based on team to sort won't work. I recommend you to use TAB or BungeeTabListPlus which has been proved to be compatible. If you are using CMI, You should set "namePlates: false" in Modules.yml and DisableTeamManagement: true in config.yml. (require a restart to apply)

    ② Some player glowing plugin may not be compatible.

    ③ Other nametag edit plugin based on team. When you using mode Riding/Teleporting, if you find nametag duplicated you should check if there's another plugin taking over teams(If possible, set player's name invisibile in that plugin)

    • Multiple nametags(Mode Riding) might not be compatible with some cosmetics plugins. MagicCosmetics/CosmeticsCore haven been proved to be compatible.

    (Test with MagicCosmetics)

    • Multiple tags(Mode Riding) only support ASCII and custom font for the moment
    • ItemsAdder would override part of this plugin's shader for text effects. You can manually replace the file in the pack.zip generated by ItemsAdder to apply the shaders!
    • Plugin uses shader to remove entity name tag shadow, if you don't need this just delete "rendertype_text_see_through" shaders
    • It's advised to install ProtocolLib 5.0

    Terms Of Service

    1. You agree not to redistribute this product or claim it as your own.2. No refunds on purchases

    3. Modification of this product is permitted after purchase.

    4. Never Re-sell this or share the product to other people.

    5. Don't impersonate as me, and selling this product to others.

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    Custom Nameplates

    Supported MC Versions


    Supported Server Software

    Paper and its forks


    ProtocolLib, PlaceholderAPI

    Soft Depends

    TAB, ItemsAdder, Oraxen, TrChat, VentureChat


    English Chinese Spanish

    Basic Commands

    /chatbubbles, /customnameplates

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