• MysticRPG Chat

    Massive Customized Chat plugin

    An RPG-Chat making life a bit easier on server creators.

    What is MysticRPG Chat?

    To aim for a chat plugin that offered more to the user!

    Custom DiscordSRV + Build-in slash commands to the bot!
    No need for DiscordSRV plugin or add-ons.

    Its built in to the plugin!!
    Console log
    Staff Management from discord

    This plugin supports
    PROSkillsAPI & PRORpgitems
    Show your Class Information | Attributes | Gear | Unique Items
    Bungeecord support
    MysticRPG Chat can sync up with your bungeecord network.

    Multi- Channel support
    Create as many channels as you want
    Create private channels
    Lock channels with passwords
    Link channels to private discord channels for supporters.


    Staff Management

    Built in interactive-chat

    Mysql Support

    Created by CrazyMarty

    Visit our Discord for Support!