• MysticRPG Events

    Creating MMORPG Events and more!

    MysticRPG Events : Project Dev- MysticMight
    A massive all in one RPG event plugin.
    There are so any plugins that involve events.
    But we wanted to take it 10 extra steps further.
    Mystic events is able to pickup the tick rate of each players actions.
    Rather they are running, digging, fishing, killing mobs can trigger randoms events!
    Setup to make sure that RPG servers can give some gain to the online grind.

    Also.... This plugin does more.

    ⫸ Summons special Mobs at certain times. ⫷
    ⫸ Daily log calendar that syncs to real time, or your rpg timeline ⫷
    ⫸ Calendars events that will only happen on a certain time or day ⫷
    ⫸ Able to sync to any Time-zone (Real time or even game time) ⫷
    ⫸ Bungeecord Support ⫷

    ⊱ProSkillsAPI Support⊰

    ⊱ProRPGItems Support⊰

    ⊱Mysql Support⊰

    ⫸ More TBA⫷

    On the BluRPG Market

    Supported MC Versions

    1.19, 1.18, 1.17

    Supported Server Software

    ProSkillsAPI, ProRPGItems
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