• PROMCTEAM Development

    The PROMCTEAM, a skilled team that aimed to bring back the legendary... "SkillsAPI" plugin!

    PROSKILLAPI is based on the original Skillapi forked by Sentropic.

    They have forked Sentropic's version to create PROSKILLAPI and includes the premium features

    that were only available to the premium version found on Spigot.

    The original skillapi developer released the premium version as open source under the MIT license.

    You can now enjoy all the premium features for free!

    In addition to the creation of "ProSkillsAPI" they have made an

    arsenal of plugins to support the RPG experience!


    Discord⫸⫷Online Editor⫸⫷Wiki⫸⫷Issue Tracker


    Supported Versions

    1.19x, 1.18x, 1.17x , 1.16x

    PRO Skills API ⋖━ External Link

    The most powerful Custom RPG Creator

    Create custom races, classes, skills, spells, with an easy online editor

    • Cross server support with MySQL
    • Most powerful online editor of any skill creation plugin on Spigot!
      • Create up to 25+ trigger types that activate skills
      • Set up to 9 target types like Area, Cone, Linear, Self, etc
      • Set up to 35+ conditions to check before a skill will activate like armor checks, chance, skill level, health, etc.
      • Set up to 75+ mechanics that give your skills their abilities
      • There are literally millions of possibilities for creating your custom skills.
    AND MORE!!!!

    PRO RPGCrafting ⋖━ External Link

    Prorpgcrafting - Create professions with custom recipes with RPG leveling

    • Language file for easy translation into your language.
    • Create unlimited custom crafting professions (like smelting, weaponsmithing, etc)
    • Crafting professions level up individually.
    • Modify the formula used to calculate level gains
    • Set the amount of experience each recipe gains
    • Use permissions to control how many crafting professions can be unlocked.
    • Allow players to unlearn crafting professions with optional experience penalty set with a modifier.
    • Open crafting profession menus with commands and permissions
    • Create your own recipes.

    AND MORE!!!!

    PRO Blockregen ⋖━ External Link

    Regen blocks, plants, and crops

    • Regen any block.
    • Regen any plants.
    • Set the age of crops before they can be broken
    • Set the regen timer for each block type.
    • Set a list of blocks the mined block has a chance to come back as.
    • All mined blocks are saved to a file to persist through server restarts.
    • Set cooldown for broken blocks before the regen.
    • Set the block shown while on cooldown.
    • Set a list of blocks that have a chance to replace the mined blocks.
    • Require any custom named tools that can be used to break each block type.
    AND MORE!!!!

    PromCutilities ⋖━ External Link

    (Voucher Plugin)

    • Create unlimited custom vouchers.
    • Save vouchers to the database in game with a command.
    • Inventory full detection
    • If the player's inventory is full, the player will be notified.
    • Any vouchers that were given when the player's inventory was full can be retrieved at any time with a command.
    • Set notification settings for full inventory with cooldowns for message notifications.
    • Language file for easy translation.

    PRO RPG Items ⋖━ External Link

    Most Powerful Custom Items Generator - Gems - Repair - Drops - Sets and more!

    • Easily create custom items, items with skills attached, tiered random items generator, and more.
    • You can setup item restrictions for level and class requirements for items using supported plugins. (proskillapi, mcmmo, etc)
    • Create unlimited custom damage and defense types, like chaos, water, earth, etc.
    • Create custom arrows with different stats and custom ammo types for bows.
    • There are over 25 item stats to add to your weapons, armor and any other items you create.
    • Add ProSkillAPI skills with items using click actions. (left click, right click, shift + left click, etc)
    AND MORE!!!!
    ProMC Housing⋖━ External Link

    Rent World Guard Regions - Cross Server Support!

    • Rent worldguard regions
    • Sell worldguard regions
    • Language file for translating into your language
    • Create unlimited deed types needed for renting house regions, each with their own unique settings.
    • Deeds are physical items you can give your players that are needed in order to rent a worldguard region.
    • Supports custom model data for the deed items.
    • Hooks with our other plugin, Prorandomchests to drop deeds by chance from random chests that spawn in the world.
    • Set the rent amount for each deed type.
    • Set how long a region can be extended by the player.
    AND MORE!!!!
    PRO Randomchest⋖━ External Link

    Generate random chests in your worlds

    • Give rewards based on any commands from any plugins
    • Add unlimited amount of commands with configurable delay between each command.
    • Set commands to run as op, player or by console.
    • Allow configurable fireworks explosions upon opening chests.
    • Set world whitelist.
    • Set how many chests are allowed to spawn in each world.
    • Uses your worldborder to keep chests in the correct areas
    • Spawns above ground and you can set the block type chests are able to spawn on

    PRO Enchantment API⋖━ External Link

    Create custom enchantments with easy online editor!
    • Create custom enchantments using our online editor.
    • Customize vanilla enchantments.
    • Allow enchantments to be naturally obtained from literally any item, like on steaks.
    • Allow enchantments to be merged, even above normal levels.
    • Create any level enchantments not normally possible, like level 6000.
    • Control how many enchantments can be obtained on a single item.
    • View fancy graphs of enchantment probabilities in game.
    AND MORE!!!!

    BossShopPro Continued!! ⋖━ External Link

    Extremely powerful Chest GUI shop/menu plugin

    • Ability to make infinite shops.
    • Supports custom color codes.
    • Supports placeholders and symbols.
    • Anti-dupe protection.
    • Great performance, loads all shops on startup.
    • Display balances/points in live time.
    • All messages are configurable
    • Supports economy and points
    • Discounts and price multipliers based on permissions
    • Serverpinging in real time
    • Optionally log all players purchases
    AND MORE!!!!

    ProSkillAPI - Parties ⋖━ External Link

    Parties plugin for ProSkillAPI!

    • Show information about your party with the built in scoreboard feature in Proskillapi. (if enabled)
    • Set the max size allowed in a party.
    • Set automatic timeout for invites, if the player does not accept the invite
    • Set if a new leader is added to the party if the original leader disconnects
    • Set whether or not to use the party scoreboard
    • Set whether or not to use the players level or health in the scoreboard if enabled
    • Set if only the leader can invite
    • Set the experience modification based on the number of members in the party
    • Set experience modification based on the difference of levels between party members.

    BSP Item shops ⋖━ External Link

    BossShopPro Addon Continued!

    • Create nice looking item shops
    • Multiple options to choose from, Buy, Fill Inventory, Sell and Sell All. (can be disabled also)
    • Ability to create an infinite amount of shops and combined with BossShopPro shops.
    • Supports enchantments, potionEffect and other special items.
    • You can modify the visual aspect of each item/shop.
    • Very easy to create shops fast!
    On a fresh install it will generate an example shop in '/plugins/BossShopPro/shops'

    Risencore ⋖━ External Link

    Unstuck - Block Commands - Join/first join Commands

    • Language file for easy translation.
    • On Join Commands: Run commands every time a player joins your server.
    • Set any block to run commands including crafting table, furnace, buttons, pressure plates, etc.
    • On First Join Commands: Run commands only the first time a player joins your server
    • On Interact: Run commands when a player interacts with a block.
    • Remove Boats: When a player gets out of their boat, you can have the boat go back into their inventory.
    • Unstuck: If a player gets stuck in your world, this command will teleport them a few blocks away at a safe location.

    Promcore ⋖━ External Link

    This is a dependency plugin for PRO Plugins