• Storage Mechanics 1.1.5

    By Elite Creature

    What is Storage Mechanics?

    Storage mechanics is a plugin that allows you to add storage to custom blocks and furniture's. It also brings an API to be able to create storages to your liking.
    The good thing is that you can create blocks as if they were shulker or if they were chests.



    MultiPages Shulker
    Multi-line storage system
    - Configuration for ItemsAdder
    - Configuration for Oraxen
    - Support, if you have problems installing it you can get support.


    Why would I buy the product?

    If what you need is to create cabinet-shaped furniture that has storage or you want to add new barrels or new chests with other textures using itemsadder or oraxen, this is your plugin.

    Plugin Command

    • - /storagemechanics
    • /storagem
    • /sm


    1. /sm create normal <rows: 1 - 6> <isShulker: true - false> <title> # Create a single page you can modify the rows
    2. /sm create multipage <pages: 2 - 999999999> <isShulker: true - false> <title> # Create an inventory with multiple pages
    3. /sm info panel #A little information about storage
    4. /sm loadALL #Load all configs from /plugins/StorageMechanics/config
    5. /sm modifyItem <Type>
    6. /sm editStorage <NamespaceID>

    Permission Node:

    • Commands permission: storage.admin
    • Open all storages: storage.all


    • %actual_pag%
    • %pag_count%

    Things you should know before asking for support:

    So that you do not drop two blocks when you break a block or furniture in shulker mode you must cancel_drop: true in the ItemsAdder config of the block or furniture

    Be very careful because if you break the block in creative or do something in creative that has to do with this plugin it may not work


    Compatible plugins



    Upcoming Support:

    -Mythic- CustomItems


    Terms Of Service

    1. You agree not to redistribute this product or claim it as your own.

    2. No refunds on purchases

    3. Modification of this product is permitted after purchase.

    4. Never Re-sell this or share the product to other people.

    5. Don't impersonate as me, and selling this product to others.

    Thanks tr7zw for support❤️❤️❤️

    Discord tag: Wuason#0397

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    Storage Mechanics

    Supported MC Versions


    Supported Server Software

    Spigot, Paper, bukkit

    Soft Depends

    WorldGuard, ChestSort, ItemsAdder, Oraxen


    English, Spanish